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So just fucked up with my girlfriend……..we’ve had such a happy few days and I go and ruin it by opening my mouth and saying things I don’t mean and that are completely unnecessary, I should think before I speak but I’ve been telling myself this for a long time and it never works so I dunno why I think it’ll work this time, my mouth always shoots before my brain processes what I’m about to say.

I love my girlfriend so much and I don’t show it enough, after everything I’ve dragged her through with my family she deserves to know I love her and to be shown how much I absolutely adore and cherish her.

This is my apology to you baby, I never want to hurt you or make you feel down, I love you from the deepest point of my heart and cherish you with everything I have.

I’m sorry baby, I really am
I love you

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I should be having sex right now

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